What is Reiki?

Allow yourself to imagine the entirety of the Universe in your mind… It is far too vast for any of our minds to contain, but in the attempt we pull ourselves open. We unzip our edges. 

Ultimately The System of Reiki is a path to enlightenment. Although it's famous for its many healing benefits, healing is a byproduct of awakening. By connecting to the Universal energy, we realise that we are the Universe. Reiki is not separate from us, it is who we are. 

Love the One you're with

Love the One you're with

Love the one you’re with. That’s you. 

In loving yourself with all your heart, you discover your immense capacity for love. You realise what a joy it is to be you, and awaken to what a blessing it is to get to be with you everyday. In this love your essence is realised. You look back over your childhood and you say sweetly to that younger, innocent self - I’ve always been with you. I love you. 

Your normal self talk becomes gracious, grateful, soft. You allow yourself to be perfectly human - a perfect soul with permission to live an imperfect life. Loved more so for every imperfection.