There is a divine miracle present within you every moment of every day. Most of the time it goes unnoticed, but it has been a vibrant source of life force since you were only the size of a poppy seed in your mother’s womb. 

Your heart has been beating for you since you were a mere four week old fetus. It was the first organ created in your body. Its steady drum doesn’t ask for recognition. It doesn’t judge how you use the life it provides for you. It just steadily beats. 

This is a portal to the miracle of all of life. This is the pathway of the ancient drumming circle, the pulse of life itself, an access point to hear your soul’s deepest truth and yearnings. Tune in to this sacred force that has been beating for you since the very beginning of your physical structure. This is the ritual that will guide you home.

Tune in to this by becoming as quiet as you can. Deeply listen to all of the secrets held within the  chamber of your soul. It will whisper every answer you long to find. It will show you the steps towards its own beckoning dreams. It will provide all the nutrients you need for the seeds you will sow together. This is your work. Here lies your dharma: to unlock the mysterious force that has guided your whole life merely by giving it a chance to be heard.