What is Reiki?

Allow yourself to imagine the entirety of the Universe in your mind… It is far too vast for any of our minds to contain, but in the attempt we pull ourselves open. We unzip our edges. 

Ultimately The System of Reiki is a path to enlightenment. Although it's famous for its many healing benefits, healing is a byproduct of awakening. By connecting to the Universal energy, we realise that we are the Universe. Reiki is not separate from us, it is who we are. 

The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra

To have it all we must be willing to lose it all. To lose our need to be right. To lose our need for approval. To lose the illusory sense of ourselves as a separate entity. We release it all to the great abyss in order to find we are the entirety of it all. We aren’t right as an ego but right as the whole one mind. Our lives become right in our relinquishing of any control, any desire to prove, any reflex to defend or define ourselves.