Be here now + be true to you

You do not need to excavate all your pain in order to release it. You just need to be willing to let it go.

You are not your story. You are not your pain, your past, or your Dark Ages. As you allow the healing to happen, the light shines where it needs to. Healing is your natural state - and it occurs in a flash when you no longer identify with your history - when you rather root into who you have become - you in all your glory. You, as the one knowing. You write the narrative, yet you are not the narrative. You are the thinker, being thought. 

It might appear that you are the place for these thoughts, but you’re not even that. It may seem you’re the house for the anger, but you’re as temporary here as that. 

You are an energy as vast, as sure, as pure, as pervasive as the entire cosmos. You are an invisible, unidentifiable wash of colour upon the spectrum of Source. 

Can you feel yourself as the wave upon the infinite sea? A sea containing all currents, all movements, all swells, and tides. The sea of All That Is. Waves and frequencies dancing in an undulating mass of Oneness experiencing diversity. Water washes it away, all of it blends within, diluting forms into the One of the Many. Where does the drop of sweat go when it falls into the sea? It remains yet it is swallowed.

You don’t need to do anything to actively release the past. You just arrive here, in the present. Just come home to life, as it so beautifully is.

Be here now, receiving yourself as your medicine, discovering yourself as the gifted moment you find yourself inside of.