Image: Jon Gorrigan via pinterest

Image: Jon Gorrigan via pinterest

Who is thinking?

Life is so dream-like because of the mind - our magnificent, unruly teacher. It has a tendency for fear because of its strong preference for LOVE. When we’re angry it’s because we’re not receiving the love we crave. When we’re feeling anything other than joy, we are looking for the external world to give us the reflection of love that we truly are. Yet, as soon as we look with eyes of craving, we are in a space of not seeing that love within, and therefore we don’t find it outside of ourselves either. All the outside world does is reflect us back to ourselves. That is all it can do.

We are living in a hall of mirrors.

When we no longer seek for the external world to reassure us or approve of us, we find that we approve of it. That is how we find peace. This essential, natural state of harmony is our powerful medicine for the shift across humanity. We can only make peace elsewhere when we've resolved that war in our own heads.

When we cease our epic desperation for love ‘out there' to fill the in-here space, we find such abundant love springing up inside us in that very space - we find what we are made of is entirely love. There is no limit to it, no border around it, no thing that is not in touch with it. From here we radiate this love out and the world will do what it can only, always do - it will reflect that right back.

This is the love that never leaves, the happiness we have restlessly pursued. The diamonds we mine are unearthed from the cave of our own sacred hearts. That cave will always contain all the riches we could dare to wish for. All just there waiting to be found.

We are mirrors, receiving ourselves back as reflections. Sometimes we serve as a mirror for a loved one and in that process we see what in ourselves was the dormant volcano, we find the lava-flow beneath our smiling surface. This uncomfortable process is a gift to release buried pain - suppressed anger, grief, fear. We are connected in the sea of life’s eternal energy - feeling each other, noticing our buttons being pushed and blaming the other - yet that activated pain only happens when we share a switch. We can only trigger in another where we ourselves are triggered. This is an opportunity to become conscious of ourselves.

You are alive experiencing this world through being you - and to the degree you allow yourself to be your Self, is the degree to which life will reflect yourself back to be witnessed. All around, you will find you looking back at you. What a beautiful being you be.