Love the One you're with

Love the one you’re with. That’s you. 

In loving yourself with all your heart, you discover your immense capacity for love. You realise what a joy it is to be you, and awaken to what a blessing it is to get to be with you everyday. In this love your essence is realised. You look back over your childhood and you say sweetly to that younger, innocent self - I’ve always been with you. I love you. 

Your normal self talk becomes gracious, grateful, soft. You allow yourself to be perfectly human - a perfect soul with permission to live an imperfect life. Loved more so for every imperfection. 

You can be you, enough as you are, lovable as you are - loving yourself just because. Your internal dialogue grows kind, and your body relaxes in the gentle approval and appreciation you now offer. 

Because the whole wide world is a mirror, it too shifts to reflect this growing love of yourself. You now know you are worthy of it and receive it with open arms. The only need for validation arrives from the centre of your soul and here you become a devotee to this, above all else. You honour its yeses and its nos. The previous craving for approval from family or friends falls away as you rediscover that precious feeling of living in harmony with your sacred self. And you may then see there was never a self at all. 

As you become your own best friend, life becomes the most generous companion. Softly, and with no judgement at all, it kindly delivers all you ask for, mirroring the relationship you have with it. The language it understands is your emotion. So if you have an emotion you want to transmute, try loving it - love every part of your deep, deep self. You are worthy of your own great love. There is no more potent medicine than that. You don’t need to get rid of anything, rather that thing is a lost part of yourself asking to be embraced. To become whole. Surrender to it by giving it your full attention, as if it was your sweet baby crying with all her might. Cuddle, kiss, and discover what this lost part of you needs to feel safe again. 

You are your soul mate - the one you’ve been wanting to know your whole life! She was waiting for you, right in the depths of your own heart. In the reunion, you are whole.