In the few years that I have been connecting to the Spirit Guides of others in readings, I’ve noticed a common theme - they tend to make their entrances rather theatrically! Early on, I was reading for a woman during The College of Psychic Studies open evening. Before she arrived for her appointment, I sat in meditation as I always do before a reading - it’s how I still my mind and attune myself to the energy of the subtle realms. In my mind’s eye a very manly Viking with long ginger hair emerged from the depths, perched on a ship in a choppy ocean. He spoke about this woman’s need to travel to Nordic lands and explore her heritage. When my sitter arrived about five minutes later, I was shocked to see the same long lovely mane of ginger hair. She explained she was Scottish with family roots in Norway. She resonated with everything this Guide said. Other Guides have presented themselves as if they belong to the Elven Realm, communicating with telepathic waves of vibration, sharing wisdom that feels like it comes from an ancient, otherworldly civilisation. I’ve met with a Shamanic drummer who danced around a fire wearing animal skins, very elderly and wise Chinese healers, an Egyptian High Priest, and Peruvian medicine women from the mountains. My own Guide, Ariana, looks as if she’s walked straight out of a painting from the Renaissance.

There is a very different feeling when a Guide joins a session - there is more energy, a shift happens, more power fills the space, I sense an eagerness to teach, and usually I find more theatrics! The soul of a loved one will arrive in their plain clothes, still with their earthly personality but with a more hushed tone. A Guide will come in with a very distinct personality as if they’re playing a role. Where a loved one will enter a session from the side of my vision, as they’ve just walked up casually to join the conversation (sometimes they look like they’ve swum up through spirit soup - blurry at first and getting clearer as they approach my aura to communicate), a Guide will appear in a flash from an unexpected direction, rising up from the depths of soul memory or dropping down into the superconscious mind. Spirit always has guidance, love, and compassion for us. They always come to offer support. Guides feel like close teachers from very distant past lives. We share the soul's journey together, so if you meet yours and find an Indian woman who practices Ayurveda or another ancient healing modality, there is no doubt that you once had a life doing this too. Perhaps working with herbs or other natural healing methods would resonate for you, or maybe you would benefit from an adventure to that land. There is always a shared love between us and our Guide, passions and memories they love to remind us of in order to strengthen our relationship. 

If you’d like to try connecting to your Guides, you can listen to a free “Meet your Guide” meditation. I invite you to explore your spiritual surroundings and to see who is wanting to support you! At first they might appear as a light or a shadow, but give this time to build and soon this connection will serve you in very practical and wonderfully fulfilling ways.