There is a persistent silence that precedes all sound. The still void holds each sound as a wave that passes through it. You can’t get behind the silent canvas. In the same way, it is our consciousness that holds space for every thought, every experience, and every emotion to pass through. Our pure being, this background containing self, is the first and last instance to any circumstance. We can’t get behind it. When you sink far back enough or become still in that deepest of places, you’ll find no boundary to it - no time, no point in space it occupies, for it is space itself. This pure being precludes thought, identity, or any concept of itself as a this or that. It is the eternal field that contains even the notion of duality. It’s the mind’s woke eye as a screen for dreams. This is your true being, the nameless one I call Source or spirit. 

If you let yourself, you’ll realise it is there - always - beneath every experience as the focal point where all lines converge - just as the silence is there under the sound. When you find the sweet abyss of this place, I’ll meet you there, for here we are one and the same. When you touch this place, as far back from yourself as you can go, you may feel it as the blanket of darkness that holds the light - the void of black which gives way for stars. We are only scared of darkness because we fear that unknown territory where all edges collapse. Where our minds give way from being a thing to being the no-thing-ness that holds it all together. 

Let’s meet there. I’ll be the one smiling without a face.