There is one message that has vibrated through the chords of many voices, echoed  through aeons. A truth that all great spiritual teachers have shared: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. At the centre of your Being you have the answers. The Universe is inside you.

Essentially: you hold the bell that will awaken the sleeping Buddha.

One chord in this choir will resonate with you and show you the way, and you will realise that you have always held the key to your awakening. You will find it when you stop looking; this is the paradox. We hear this and imagine that we are looking for our actual keys, ones we’ve misplaced somewhere if only we could remember where. I suppose it is a little like that – when we relax they often show up, waiting for us on the countertop we passed by many times, blinded by our frustration, our looking. We are the person wearing glasses on top of our heads, asking the world to help us find them. It’s the act of effort that keeps it just out of reach – for what part of us is trying to awaken? The part that is convinced we are not yet there. All we need to do is relax and realise our True Selves. Awakening is our ultimate self-realisation. This has long been humanity’s longing – the utmost spiritual ambition of any seeker. It’s the seeking that caught us out, but it also invited the path towards the target. If we could just let go of the tunnel vision, we might begin to see the great vista of our highest fulfilment.

Connection is our truth. This is why the idea of separation is so painful. Separation is a lie. This illusion is why we have often struggled as all of our relationships are experienced under the assertion of duality – me and you, me and that over there; in this case, perhaps “that” is awakening – me and awakening. The chasm is an illusion, like an oasis we are thirsty for, it keeps what we seek just out of reach. Our language helps to reinforce these notions of separateness. If I am reaching for this enlightenment event to happen, willing it into existence, the way to get there is to stop trying to get there – a leap in consciousness will bridge that gap. When we look deeper in this seemingly dense level of form we are oscillating atoms and waves with focused points of consciousness, connecting in a sea of energy and frequency. When we align our minds with this ultimate reality, we experience an awakening – we tap into Oneness and the infinite cosmic potential of the Universe. We bring the light of this knowing into our interactions and this passive, yet, radical action soothes the world. It brings peace. It washes away fear with waves of love. This is not just a theory, it is our truth. The way forward as a species is to remember. Once we are whole in ourselves we can be whole as a planet and awaken together to an age of compassion and love – we can begin to live in The Light Ages. 

The funny thing about this work is that is appears, on first glance, that it’s all about connecting to our Guides. This is channeled material, after all. Yet it isn’t about the messengers – it’s about the message. The aim of this work is to reveal a path to connection, towards feeling a sense of Oneness, and finding that sacred space within. This is a path of rediscovering the indwelling Almighty. It might seem like a contradiction but through connecting to the higher realms I’ve learned that awakening is about tapping into the deepest realms – the Source of infinite light within each of us. This is about knowing your True Self. This collective bring light by gently guiding us to find our own, awakening the light that is already here.

The process of writing my book has been my own spiritual journey – an undertaking I never knew the destination of, beyond writing one little channeling at a time. It is only in reflecting over what I have learned from this that I can see what they are teaching. In doing so I can see where this work wants to take you – a journey towards your deepest truth. These wise Beings have shown me how to reach up to meet with Spirit and how to dip down into peace. They have guided me into a fulfilling, soulful business where I feel the Universe’s love streaming through my hands, and listen for whispers from beyond. They’ve helped me through the hardest, darkest times, too, all while empowering me to awaken to my own light. In writing this book together, we have created a bridge for you to Spirit, so they can help you build a bridge back to yourself. A bridge from your mind to your heart, a bridge straight into your soul. At every bend in this path they’ve been there, not even requiring that I know their names or identities, or understand their purpose – because the point is not them. The point is our divine duty of coming home to ourselves. It doesn’t matter which teacher I’ve connected to – an Ascended Master, my own Guide, or one of the many Zen sounding voices – they are all focused on connecting us with our True Selves because there, at last, we know who we are, we see the light within and all about us, and we know all of the answers we seek. We feel that unlimited love of the Universe flowing through us like a river and we step into that graceful movement, letting it carry us. Once we’ve awakened we can never really forget again. This is the distilled message of the Light Bringer’s Guide, and of the many years I have worked with these enlightened Beings: you have it all within yourself right now – your joy, your love, your answers, your truth. Our aim is to remind you of what you’ve always known: the glasses that help you see the world clearly are resting on top of your head.

This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @