She Who Is // The Silent Sermon

The moon is just behind my shoulder as the sun rises in front of me. I have been left with a sensation of fullness because I found something empty - a hole to wholeness.

I hadn’t expected to find her. I was simply exploring the coastline near our little holiday home, wandering the Portuguese cliffs with curiosity. I saw over a jagged orange rock a near perfect circle framing the sea beyond like a portal. I walked around it to peer through, finding a full female form revealing a space that so moved me I stood transfixed in reverence. It’s just space carved by sea in ancient rock - but standing here in complete awe, I watch the earth receive herself. She is the goddess embodied. This beautiful, hidden away pocket of nature where land meets water is reflecting to me what has been softly silencing my mind. 

We are containers of light receiving the light that we are. We are love holding space for love. We live in shapes that elude to a separate form - a boundary of skin - yet we are merely energy, consciousness awakening to consciousness. Experiencing concepts of a self wash away is the most beautiful realisation we can aspire to understand. Self-realisation is the realisation that there is no self. Spaciousness is our essence. 

She whispers without words, offering a silent sermon for the way things truly are. She sang a song to invite us to merge there in that love that bonds with out attachment. To lose ourselves so we may know ourselves. At once we die and are reborn to the vast self - the one that contains all. 

She has reminded me that this is who I am. Whole and peaceful. When we are worried, angry, or depressed, it is this version of ourselves we long for - this one that holds it all and yet holds nothing at all. We return home by releasing whatever is causing us pain. We can change our minds and align in this still point at the shore of the sea of endless joy that flows eternally in our own hearts.