Dear Heart,

We know you’ve been feeling your depths, and we see you rising steady now. You know that feeling those depths gives you access to far greater heights – and upwards you now go. It’s all beautiful – the dark shadows and the brilliant light. You are here for it all.

If you can learn to embrace the suffering as well as the joy, you will find that you launch through it faster. Maintaining your fastidious passion for learning, watch those emotions as waves that pass over you, they are there to reveal you to yourself while you are stable in the deep waters of peace.

You are the ocean dear, on the surface there will be storms. Yet here you remain: deep and teeming with life.

We know it’s your desire to be happy and of course it is our wish for you too but reach instead for peace. Reach for peace even in the storms, only then will you find true joy. Ecstasy is not maintainable but soft content is.

You are rising stronger, brighter, and more passionate now. We see you. You ascend for yourself and those around you. Your rising is a swell in the ocean, stretching far and wide.

This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.