What is Reiki?

Allow yourself to imagine the entirety of the Universe in your mind… It is far too vast for any of our minds to contain, but in the attempt we pull ourselves open. We unzip our edges. 

The soul of this incredible Universe is Source. This Universe is but one of its many incarnations, and we are but one of its many breaths. ‘Uni’ means one, while ‘verse’ means to turn. As humans we are a small fraction of this turn, this revolution as the Universe. We are like cells moving through a body. The body of God. 

Reiki is the pure energy of Source, that soulful love that constantly pulses from beat of the Universe’s heart. Reiki is the spiritual energy that animates, creates, and harmonises all of life. 

This is a dialogue I had with The Light Bringers (a group of enlightened Guides + Ascended Masters + Star Beings I work with) regarding this energy - 

“Reiki is not separate from you, it is you. 

Rei is your spirit, your pure bright soul. Ki is your vitality, your life-force, the energy that animates your body and the physical world around you. The two energies of Earth and Spirit blend into a feeling of connection to All That Is and a stream of pure you is channeled - a stream of Oneness  -straight from your heart. That pure you is pure Source energy. Pure love. Reiki is the highest energy frequency you can channel as a human being. It’s the highest aspect of yourself. 

You are nature, the creative energy of the earth. You are spirit, the all pervasive energy of the Universe. As an embodied soul, you are All That Is, the energy of Source.

When you attune someone to Reiki you are not bringing something foreign into their energy field, you are simply waking them up to an awareness of what is already within them so that they can access it. You are helping them to harmonise with the highest vibration of themselves.

Reiki is the purest energy of you. You are love, you are light, you are made of the very essence of Source.

You are a spark of the eternal Soul.

It is to be expected that you would begin by seeing this energy as separate from you. Your model of the Universe is rendered in 3-D as you live in your body in this very physical world. When Mikao Usui created the System of Reiki and gave this energy a name, it was from his enlightened perspective of knowing Oneness.  

Reiki is a path to understanding your True Self - your true inner Being - that part of you that feels whole. Using this energy and slowly understanding it can eventually lead to this serene moment of knowing it is ultimately coming through you and from you as you - you are Source. This healing wave of love enters your crown chakra from above it seems, yet it is emanating from your spirit. Sharing this in a healing session with another wakes up their conscious mind to their own spirit’s  energy. Every soul is a fragment of Source, a particle of the great Spirit. 

This is not just ‘spiritual energy’ - Reiki is Spirit. Reiki is the energy of unconditional love. This is the essence of The Universe. This truth has just hit your heart - feel it. Allow it to resonate here. Your heart is connected to the heart of all things.”

“Spiritual” energy is all of the cosmic energy of the formless. We see Spirit as separate from ourselves so language points us in this direction even further, yet Spirit is All That Is – the quantum field of endless formlessness and the manifested form reading these words. This is another trapping in the manifested world of duality, we see form and formless, yet in the ultimate realm where our souls dwell we find that everything has energy and all of that is spiritual energy. That energy is what we call Reiki. Client’s often describe it as a warm blanket because it is the blanket of immeasurable space unto which we all exist. It is the Pure Land. The blanket of warm energy that holds the whole Universe. It is the great quest of us seekers, we are searching for this essence of ourselves, trying to get back to where we came from. Paradoxically the quest is complete when we stop looking. It was inside all along. It is that feeling of blending with the infinite dwelling place of Source. This feeling sparks the healing, the change, the alignment with the divine. This is our wholeness, our fulfilment with the Buddha-mind, the soul, the emptiness. That is peace. 

How very profound this work really is – it seems a simple laying on of hands but that is a small picture of the eternal place we touch. It begins with connection and goes as deep as our awareness will allow. Reiki sparks change, it creates so many in our lives when we welcome it in, yet it itself is unchanging – it remains consistent. How beautiful that we don’t need to even know what it is or what it’s doing – we just need to permit it to do it’s good work. 

Reiki comes from within you, the greatest you, the part that remembers not only where you came from, but what you are right now. You are powerful. You are whole. You are connected.

You can’t know this until you know it. It’s an inside job.