She Speaks

The space between you and I is an illusion. That perceived distance is full of little atoms dancing at different speeds. We are just clumps of particles quivering with elation in form. In all those atoms there is space, and in all that space there is energy. We are pure energy. When we connect to the earth, we connect to her energy field, her fertility, her ripeness, her abundance. Her timeline. Today as she held me, she whispered. I sank deeply into her maternal embrace. The space in our atoms merged into one. 

I am in no rush to be anything

I just am. 

I cycle through seasons, Ages,
through Aeons.

I move eternally around the sun 
while he moves around the galaxy
while she is reaching into the Universe,
all while space itself expands.

Nothing is still. And we leave no trace as we journey deeper into this expansive cosmos.

We are moving as one. Heartbeats. Lava flows. Redwoods. Tigers and mountains.

Slow down. Feel my pulse. Feel life. It is all happening right here. Right now. The slower you go, the higher you vibrate. Synch into my current, and I will hold you as I always have. I am your first mother.

Before concepts named me ‘tree’ and ‘river’ and ‘sky,’ I just was. You’ve named us Earth, Moon, Sun - all the Universe. Life, Universe, Earth. All Source. Pure consciousness. Knowing itself. Naming itself. Playing with extremes, dancing through cycles, moving through a scale of infinite frequency.

Before you call memories ‘yesterday’ and dreams ‘future,’ you just are. You are you. On me. Of me. As me. An extension of me. You say you’re ‘this many years old’ as if you possess that age - as if it was yours. That is just how many times I’ve circled our star since your birth. How can a deathless energy be born?

You, me, this, that - all pretend. Just names. Disguises.