There are no wants in Oneness

There are no wants in Oneness.

The Earth doesn’t ‘want’ for this tree to survive, for whether it grows upwards or dissolves into her, the tree is the earth. She doesn’t want or wish the conditions of herself to be different to what they are - she evolves in surrender, reincarnating into her shifted timelines with grace. Her drama is a creative expression - whether ice or fire, she has no preference - she is it all. She is as much the crystal as the caterpillar, she’s the air and the earth, the fire and the water. She can be it all, and it’s only in being it all that she can know herself in such dynamic possibility. Her existence is temporary, evolving with each revolution. She is one with her whole self. She does not judge her expressions of life - she is life. In its fullness, in its depth. She moves, she turns, she stretches, shifts, births entirely new species as she swallows others into her past. She does not cling to what she has been, for she is always moving forward into what is becoming. 

She is consciousness as pure being - our wise and wild teacher. She is the container for life, receiving the solar seeds to water and explore. 

What she has made is uniquely hers. And while we must assume there are other planets flourishing with life in other corners of this infinitely vast Universe, we can surmise there won’t be any worlds exactly like her. None that have evolved as she has and made all the leaps through lives. Just like there can’t be another soul out there that has had exactly the lives you have, made the decisions you’ve made, and reached the place you are now. We know our time with her is precious - as souls and as a species that’s sprouted from her fertile soil. To know her is to love her.

We are the cells in the body of this planet. We don’t look to our own cells in our physical bodies with any desire for a particular one to survive - we see them as elements of ourselves in flux, supporting our being as they come and go, adapt, change, flow. This is how she sees us. We are part of her, we as she. She as we.