souls space

Getting to the Soul's Space

After a good few years of doing intuitive readings, I have come to find that everyone needs healing. All of us seek wholeness. It is with this motivation that people come seeking guidance, and I’ve realised that if we can just get really anchored into our hearts we can coalesce with our spirit and know all we need to know, see all we need to see, feel all we want to feel for ourselves as we relax into the empowered embrace of our soul’s truth.

The nature of energy medicine is that it gives us exactly what we need - it meets us where we are. So if we need physical or emotional healing, that is what we’ll receive. If we need guidance, we’ll get it directly from your own source of wisdom and our spiritual counsel - the ancient part of us that already knows. This part is always able to hear our beloved support on the 'other' side because it’s found just on the other side of our minds.

Having trained as a Reiki Master and a Medium (with a particular fondness for Spirit Guides), I know it is always into the sacred soul space that our Guides and Loved Ones are inviting us to journey. They want us to know we have all our answers already. We don't need anything outside of ourselves to give us validation. Deep within us the entire Universe pulses as us. It is in the sweet, vast inner sanctuary of our hearts that we meet our souls and ultimately find what we all crave - experiencing our True Selves. It is here that we no longer feel separate or in need of anything external to bring us joy. We realise that our essence is love expressed as joy.

It took working with several hundred clients for me to really understand this. When I began including the crystalline sounds with my Reiki treatments a few months ago, I found this portal to the soul opened naturally in the sessions. I’m adjusting my practice now to bow in service to the soul as much as I can. My sessions are designed to guide you home to your inner sanctuary using a combination of vibrational alchemy - I am no longer offering straight Intuitive Readings (except for channeling in the written form) but what I am offering is a space for soul communion - an invitation to meet your whole, awakened self.

These sessions provide everything I was trying to do during readings but in a much more personal and efficient way. It is by far a more enriching encounter if you meet your Guides first hand. Holding space for these encounters is my absolute joy. Once you’ve seen for yourself what is there, I'm happy to help you understand the deeper meanings of what was experienced.

My intention is to empower my clients so they no longer need me. I feel it’s a much greater service if I can help you get to that space instead of going there on your behalf! We are all on this journey together, connected through an infinite, cosmic web of energy. You and I are constantly evolving, becoming more and more of our true selves with every spiritual stretch-mark. We are simultaneously different people with every breath we exhale, yet an internal aspect of us remains an unchanging spark of the divine. The true aim of the spiritual seeker is not to find a homecoming with a supreme Deity beyond themselves, but to reunite with the True Self - the infinite inner light. What we long for is to find our selves, to experience a communion with our soul. What I wish to assist you with is seeing yourself underneath all the layers that living life as a human places upon us - things like identities, stories, and past pain. As each layer falls away we find an intimacy with our internal light - the light of immeasurable power that acts as a beacon to call us home directly from the core of our inner being. This is an activation. A remembrance. These sessions serve as a container for you to meet you - the pure, bright spirit that you truly are. The Being beyond names, transcendent of former suffering as keepsake of history. You are a Being far untouched by a past, an indescribable layering of vibration that exceeds the capacities of language. It is this infinite realm of yourself we (me, your soul, your Guides and the Ascended Masters I work with) wish to guide you towards. Back to the wholeness of you. As we come back to our centre we then have the opportunity to clearly find the divine within. We encounter the source of healing as a powerful truth from our own spirit. Just like Glinda (the good witch) reminds us, we had the power all along. 

The set of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls I use resonate frequencies of crystalline consciousness that harmonise the entire body, mind, and spirit. They serve as sacred containers for healing - crystal cauldrons in which to create magic. The ancient earth energies vibrate from the Divine Mother herself to quiet the mind and release limitations. This opens the doorway to higher energies while encouraging the mind into surrender.

- A deeply delicious D note bowl (Ocean Gold inside and Divine Mother outside) whispers wisdom of the oceans. It creates a channel from any unprocessed emotions trapped in the sacral and lower chakras to be alchemised and released out of the throat and higher charkas as pearls. The first time I played this bowl I heard whale song, had visions of the deep blue sea, and cried! It serves as a powerful emotional healer while shimmering divinely maternal energy into the aura.

- The clear quartz + Dead Sea Salt bowl is attuned to the crown chakra - it purifies the mind while healing the body, grounding anything no longer serving us into the lowest point on Earth. It amplifies higher consciousness as it eases mental noise into stillness.

- My pink aura bowl channels the Magdalene pure-love frequency, creating a union of the mind with the heart in courageous compassion. It activates inner knowing to inspire the mind. 

All three of these alchemy bowls work to unify the divine feminine with the divine masculine. When these energies are in perfect balance, we move effortlessly towards inspired action and rest in our creative, intuitive nature. Working deeply in the body, they take us on an inward journey connecting us to pure spirit.

I look forward to welcoming you back to more about the Soul Communion Sessions here.