Brighitta is a Reiki Master, Crystal Sonic Therapist, and Intuitive Well-Being Guide. She’s been practicing energy healing for fifteen years.

The nature of energy medicine is that it gives us exactly what we need - it meets us where we are. So if we need physical or emotional healing, that is what we’ll receive. If we need guidance, we’ll get it directly from our inner teacher - the ancient part of us that already knows.

You can choose to have a session of pure Reiki, of solely Crystal Sonic Therapy, or one that combines Reiki + Crystal Sonic Healing. Both modalities have the potential for deep healing, transformation, and reconnecting to your True Self. The combination of the two offers something uniquely special.

I have partnered with the wonderful people of who are dedicated to reforesting our planet.

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- Reiki + Crystal Sonic Therapy -
Soul Communion

Our focus is a return to wholeness, coming back to a peaceful you, using a combination of these powerful modalities. I feel Reiki as the vibration of unconditional love from the Universe. With this energy flowing through us, we can let go of our struggles and align with our highest selves once again. We can hear our soul’s whispers. We can heal on every level of our Being, experience transformation, feel empowered, invite creative solutions, and find peace. For an even deeper level of healing, sound medicine can be added to your treatment. Using a symphony of vibrational alchemy, you'll experience a weaving of the soulful energy of the Universe with the otherworldly harmonies of the alchemy crystal singing bowls. This creates a healing atmosphere for communion with the soul. Clients say it feels like coming home while a lightness stirs - often feeling a sensation of aliveness in the body. We welcome your soul to step forward in these transformational sessions as we soften, aligning the mind with the heart. The bowls act as an ascension choir, singing an ancient song that enchants the mind into presence so the inner light may be awakened and known.

When you first arrive, we’ll check in with how you are and what your intentions are for the session. We will begin with a gentle sound bath, tailored to meet anything that might have come up in our discussion. This is followed by Crystal Sonic Therapy, which is a very soothing experience as the bowls vibrations play through the auric field. As the sound settles into blissful stillness, we integrate in silence - while the deep space opens Reiki flows into support this resonating journey into Oneness. Electric waves of universal love cascade through the physical and emotional body. We come home to ourselves - to Oneness, alignment, and joyful presence. There is no place in our human experience that this soulful healing does not touch. As we harmonise with our True Self our whole lives shift to reflect our transformation.

There is something so very magical about these special sessions as significant shifts take place on all levels. Reiki + Sound Sessions take place in Crystal Palace, London SE19.

90 minutes // £85

- ABOUT Reiki -

Reiki helps us to feel connected (which is our truth) and leads to healing (which is our nature). It works to dissolve blockages, encouraging a divine meeting with the True Self. As it stimulates the body to heal it can trigger the release of stored emotions which can lead to being more open to the natural flow of life, better relationships, and the energy to take inspired action. A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience and often creates a welcomed meditative state where insights can be heard. 

This gentle yet powerful method of holistic healing creates deep relaxation and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. It works on the quantum level to harmonise mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies creating a sense of profound peace. Some of the many benefits are: deep relaxation, anxiety/stress relief, mental clarity, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and intuitive development. 

Reiki is for everyone and everything! My clients range from those seeking relief from anxiety and depression, to people that want support for physical healing, to those that want to have crystal clear energy bodies and sharpened intuitions. This intelligent energy restores harmony on all levels. It is a powerful complimentary therapy for anything that feels out of balance.

Reiki refers to both the energy itself and the system of healing developed by a Buddhist man in Japan. Reiki translates to – 霊 Rei “spirit, soul” or “atmosphere of the divine” and 気 Ki for “energy” or “life force” (as in Chi or Prana) - a common translation is “universal life force energy.” I believe Reiki is pure Source energy - it is the love of the Universe, available to us all.

When you arrive we’ll have a brief chat about what you’re seeking, and what areas of your life you’d like to work on. Remaining fully clothed, you’ll lay on my treatment table and simply relax. I’ll help you settle in with a brief guided meditation or breath work if that seems appropriate, and then I’ll begin your Reiki treatment. During this time you might feel tingling or waves of energy. Some people experience flashes of light or receive insights from beyond. Once the session is complete I will gently bring you back to the room, and we can share feedback with each other. I'll be closely tuning into your energy field during the session so I can share anything that may support your healing journey in our discussion afterwards.

Crystal Palace
90 minutes // £85

Covent Garden
90 minutes // £100

Remote Treatments
60 minutes // £65

*If you have a chronic condition and are seeking regular Reiki Treatments, please get in touch and we can work out a cost and plan that suits you. I am also able to see children for shorter treatment times (they often come back into balance far quicker than adults), please get in touch if you’re interested in this type of healing for your child.

- ABOUT Crystal sonic therapy -

Crystal Sonic Therapists play specific bowls as a harmonic sound bath while moving through the energy field to gently heal any distortions found in the aura or chakras as a therapeutic practice. The sessions are powerfully transformational, blending crystal frequencies with intention, enabling the intelligence of the body to return to its natural harmony while the crystalline songs carve out the silence to experience the soul’s loving presence. The sound waves impress upon our energy, stirring a resonance from deep within. Our vibration shifts into a harmonic state as the energy of the crystal is carried through sacred song straight into the body, working beyond the mind.

It seems the bowls are designed to teach us sound, but they instead gift us with silent peace. They purely offer a sonic shower of light which envelopes us from every angle. While we tune in to their frequencies, we travel to inner landscapes, surrendering to our innate intelligence. Every cell begins to vibrate in unison with the alchemical choir while a response ripples through the many dimensions we occupy. In complete presence, we see through the veils of illusion, receiving potent downloads from our Higher Selves. As the heart opens, it reveals a transformational portal to our depths, our wisdom, our truth.

The harmonic set of Alchemy Singing Bowls we’ll use resonate frequencies of crystalline consciousness that balance the entire body, mind, and spirit. They serve as sacred containers for healing - crystal cauldrons in which to create magic. Made from the purest quartz and blended with minerals, metals, and other crystals, the potent earth energies vibrate to enchant the mind and release limitations. This opens the doorway to inspiration while encouraging surrender.

Sessions are held in Crystal Palace - London SE19.

90 minutes // £85

“Meeting Brighitta and having been given the opportunity to dive deeper into the practice of Reiki has saved my life in so many ways!! When she says that she is holding a safe space for you during her sessions, she really means it. Your entire physical and spiritual body can feel the nurturing, warm and compassionate energy that she shares with you during her treatments. I have discovered many facets of my life and my healing journey and Brighitta’s first Reiki session has had a domino effect on exploring so many different ways in which we can tap into the healing life energy that is in all of us. The treatments with Brighitta always feel like a ‘homecoming’. I wholeheartedly recommend Brighitta’s sessions, her intuitive circles and Reiki Courses. If you want to set things in motion towards a more balanced you, get in touch with her!”