The Light Bringers (2017)

The Crystalline Dream (2016)

Using old photos of my Father, I've added natural elements to distort or hide his face. This series has helped me reconcile the feeling of him being here and yet not being here. He is now the formless essence of pure consciousness, he is around me and yet I must peer beyond the illusion of form to find him. Life is a crystalline facet of the spirit.

Nous (2013)

It was inside the blissful knowing of meditation that I saw it.  My intention was to connect, to feel the presence of the Universe inside me.  It started as a ball of light, then swirled and soon I was watching a galaxy, spinning rapidly in my mind’s eye.  In a flash I understood.  I saw that we are all connected, all children of the stars, each of us wearing suits of humanhood, spiritual beings having a human experience.  I focus on the feeling, the spiral gathering more and more energy. Light is our true make-up and I am surrounded by it.  I see it in the faces of each person I’ve come across.  It dissolves the illusion that we are separate. There is only an idea of the individual so that we may experience the whole reality from infinite perspectives.  In truth, we are one divine mind. We are nous.


Nous  [naʊs]  n. Philosophy 

  • Reason and knowledge as opposed to sense perception.
  • The rational part of the individual human soul.
  • The principle of the cosmic mind or soul responsible for the rational order of the cosmos.
  • In Stoicism, the equivalent of Logos.
  • In Neo-Platonism, the image of the absolute good, containing the cosmos of intelligible beings. The divine reason regarded as the first emanation of God.
  • British slang common sense; intelligence.
  • From Greek: mind, intelligence, intuitive apprehension.

Postcards From Spirit (2013-Present)

The Coalescence (2011)

Horizons (2014)

Projections (2010)