Brighitta is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Sound Bath Facilitator, Artist, and Writer.

Brighitta began her spiritual training in 2004 with her first Reiki Course, studying the Western and traditional Japanese Usui lineages. In 2015, she founded Awakening Light and has since trained hundreds of Reiki Practitioners. She offers monthly gatherings for reiki and intuitive development to nurture community while seeing clients for one-to-one sessions that weave energy therapies (Reiki + Sonic Therapy using crystal tones alchemy singing bowls) with intuitive guidance for deeply transformative holistic healing. Her activating work bridges the physical world to the spiritual as a portal home to our true selves.

When her father passed away in 2008, he left her with the gift of mediumship. Brighitta has since developed her ability to work with Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters who wish to assist humanity over the next threshold of conscious evolution. These loving energies guide us to awaken to our souls while healing our fears so we can bring more light to the world in the process. Her collaborative offerings of energy healing, guided meditations, writing, and artwork hold the intention of igniting a deepened relationship to the Universe through awakening our inner light. She believes that by connecting to spirit, nature, and each other, we can live energised, fulfilling, soul-led lives as we collectively awaken to divine consciousness.

Brighitta has featured in print editions of Kindred Spirit and Junko Journal, as well as online in #HigherSelfie and Spirit Magazine. A photography graduate of Camberwell College of Arts, her images have been published in the New Scientist, graced the cover of The Mahabharata (Penguin India), and featured in Aesthetica Magazine as well as Art Chronika. She has exhibited and sold her artworks internationally.

Originally from the suburban sprawl of Washington, DC, Brighitta lives in South London with her husband and son.