Sound Bathing is ancient energy medicine based on the scientific principle that everything in the Universe vibrates with a precise frequency - this includes every organ and cell of the human body. Resonant sound waves holistically balance the entire Being - the body releases tension, the mind lets go of stress, emotions wash away, and we sink into harmony with the truest aspect of ourselves. This allows the natural intelligence of the physical + subtle bodies to be restored. The sound waves carry the pure vibration of the crystals to create an experience far beyond the otherworldly sounds - while inner wisdom bubbles up, the crystalline orchestra’s magic is often felt physically within the body and through the auric field.

Brighitta uses a blissful harmonic set of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls that resonate with the frequencies of crystalline consciousness while nurturing the entire body, mind, and spirit. Made from the purest quartz available and blended with minerals (such as dead sea salt), metals (such as gold), crystals (such as apophyllite), and sacred materials (such as ceremonial sage + charcoal), the alchemical combination of potent energies vibrate to enchant the mind into releasing limitations. This opens the doorway to inspiration while encouraging surrender. Working deeply in the body, the bowls take us on an inward journey that connects us to pure wisdom - when we enter this luminous chamber of the inner heart, we find pure love delivered with the truth of the absolute. The bowls act as an ascension choir, singing an ancient song that gently brings us to sublime presence so the inner light may be awakened and known.


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