Reiki Master Course (non-residential)


Reiki Master Course (non-residential)


NOVEMBER 2/3 + 9/10 2019 - LONDON

The Master Course in Japanese is called Shinpiden, or the 'Mystery Teachings'

Becoming a Reiki Master is a lifelong journey. This step reveals a deep connection to Reiki as a spiritual practice. The focus is awakening to the True Self - the great bright light within.

Although most will not go on to teach, this level is for the committed Practitioner to receive both the energy + knowledge in how to attune other's to the Reiki energy, and provides all the tools to begin teaching if desired. 

You will receive the Master Attunement and learn:
- How to pass attunements for Reiki 1, 2, and Master Levels
- How to give Reiju (energy blessings) 
- How to teach all levels of Reiki, with a review of theory and practice for each
- The Master Symbol (The Great Bright Light)
- Advanced Practitioner techniques
- Advanced energy and intuitive techniques
- The physical body as a map of metaphysical challenges
- A deeper look at the human energy body + anatomy
- Comprehensive overview of Japanese techniques
- A deeper level of meditation + connecting to the Earth
- A greater look into the origins of Reiki 
- More about our lineages on both Eastern and Western sides
- How to connect and build a relationship with your Guides
- Understanding of the full depth and potential of the system of Reiki

The Course Fee Includes:
-Certification as an independent Reiki Master/Teacher
-The powerful Reiki Master level attunement
-An extensive 75-page printed Course Manual to assist your growth
-Sound Baths
-Morning meditations 
-Space to deepen your relationship with Reiki, The Universe, and your True Self
-Plenty of opportunities to learn creative applications of Reiki
-Four days of tuition being nurtured by community, healing, and awakening with brightly lit energy

Space is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

Investment: £800

A deposit of £250 is required to register, with the balance payment of £550 due two weeks before the course begins.

This Masters Course is currently only offered to my Second Degree Students. If you’ve come from another teacher, please get in touch - you’re welcome to attend a Second Degree Course with me once you’ve registered for the Masters. I recommend leaving 9-12 months between these levels, but only you’ll know when you’re ready!

To apply please email

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