Reiki 2 Course (Okuden) Registration

Reiki 2 Course Awakening Light
Reiki 2 Course Awakening Light

Reiki 2 Course (Okuden) Registration



The Second Degree deepens your connection to Reiki and provides a toolbox full of creative uses for its application. This level greatly increases the flow of energy through the body while we focus on aspects of spiritual growth and intuitive development. Reiki 2 is known as the Practitioner level as it provides the option of opening a professional Reiki Practice upon completion, or to work in a volunteer capacity within charities and hospices.

Students receive the powerful Reiki 2 attunement and learn three of the four Reiki Symbols. The symbols allow a fine-tuned, focused flow of the energy, and offer the ability to share a Reiki treatment from a distance. This level explores Oneness not as theory but as experience, and we learn to send healing energy anywhere, regardless of perceived limitations in time + space. Reiki is truly the limitless energy of All That Is.

This course runs across two days.

In addition to the Reiki 2 attunement and a Reiju (energy blessing), this course covers:

  • The Power, Harmony, and Connection Symbols

  • Using the symbols for deeper meditation and increased connection

  • Using the symbols both practically + creatively for self-treatments, treating others therapeutically, and for all manner of life situations

  • The mantras and kotodamas (sacred sounds) for each symbol with group sound healing

  • A deeper exploration of the intuition

  • Several techniques from the Japanese lineage including Byosen Scanning and Reiji-Ho (with practice sessions)

  • How to send a remote healing treatment (with practice sessions)

  • How to send Reiki to global or personal situations

  • Techniques for balancing, reading, and working with the chakras

  • How to run a professional Reiki Practice, with advice about how to market and set up your business

  • Integrating Reiki deeper into your daily life

Location: Crystal Palace, London SE19

Investment: £250
(payable as a £50 deposit below, with the balance payment of £200 due two weeks prior to the course)

- Reiki 2 attunement + Reiju (energy blessing)
- Two days of tuition
- A 40-page printed Course Manual
- A professionally recognised Certificate, enabling you to get insurance and start your Practice

We also offer:
- Access to our online Reiki Sangha
- Monthly Reiki Shares to stay connected to community
- Ongoing support + advice

Upcoming Course dates:
October 5/6
December 7/8
+2020 dates posted soon

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have.

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