GUIDED // Intuitive Development Circle

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GUIDED // Intuitive Development Circle

from 22.00

Intuitive Development Circle - A gathering for Awakening Light

The intention of the circle //

  • To create a safe container in which to experiment and grow spiritually
    For your inner awakening light to be nurtured

  • For a community of Light Bringers to come together (light gets brighter when we gather)

  • To understand the workings of our intuitive senses, how to develop this and trust it

  • Build and foster a relationship to your Spirit Guides + Angels + soul’s support team in a grounded, fun, approachable way

  • Understand vibration and how we channel information

  • Learn to get clear messages and read energy

  • Ultimately, my highest intention for this is for you to feel and KNOW how loved and supported you are!

Held in Crystal Palace - London SE19 - from 2-4pm on Sundays

NEXT GATHERING // November 25th (for those that practice, there will also be a Reiki Share in the morning from 11-1)

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