This guided meditation is designed to take you into your heart, filling your entire being with a sense of gratitude. Soft harmonies are played in the background with crystal singing bowls, gently easing you into the present moment and all of its abundant blessings. Yours to download for free when you sign up to the Awakening Light mailing list. 

Running time: 17 minutes



Running time: 26 minutes

Connecting to your heart, your soul, and then beyond - receive a deeply personal transmission of wisdom and guidance as you meet your Spirit Guide. Yours to download for free when you sign up to the Awakening Light mailing list. 

Take a deep breath in, right down to the depths of your belly. And release a sigh. Then simply press play and allow your mind to empty…

This time lapse was shot over the course of one lunar cycle, during an artist's residency in the foothills of the Himalaya, in Manila, Uttarakhand, India over January and February 2014. Each of the 4,000 frames was shot manually, meaning I spent dozens of blissful hours with this stunning landscape, watching it change so much it never needed to repeat itself. It was my intention to share the peace I felt within it by creating a meditation on this Enchanted Land of Gods. (Manila means enchanted, and Uttarakhand means The Land of Gods - it suits the name perfectly doesn't it?). Knowing I wanted to be able to play it on a loop as day faded into night and back again, I couldn’t predetermine how to create the ending - and then a little help was offered from this landscape herself. Do watch until the end.

Music: Written by Jagat Guru Adi Shankracharya, performed by Singers of the Art of Living, the chant is Atmastakam (Chant of Shiva). Lord Shiva is said to reside in the Himalayas, he has a remarkable presence in these mountains.

This video is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.


This Meditation is inspired by the Buddhist practice of Metta-Bhavana. Beginning by giving Reiki to your heart centre, you will be guided to slowly offer it out to the world, feeling deeply rested and connected when it finishes. This 15-minute meditation was originally written for use during Reiki Courses, but after receiving so many requests to record it I now offer it here for free. 

We live in a time that requires us to awaken to the light we hold so vibrantly within ourselves. Once we know this truth we find it all around us - we are within the Universe and Universe is within us. Feeling connected to the world means we are in a position to offer the greatest healing and insight here. I offer this with much love, enjoy. 

The background track is 'Om Shanti Om' from Meditative Mind (Magical Mantras for Meditation - Volume One)