I am grateful for my hands. There is magic flowing through them.

I am grateful for my feet. They take me everywhere I wish to go.

I am grateful for my heart. I know it beats in harmony with the heart of the Universe. I listen with my ears just below the surface while I submerge my consciousness in the still water of the bathtub. It bellows in a rhythmic chant that tranquillises mental noise.

I am grateful for this skin that contains me, that gives me a sense of the air around me. I feel the world with it, and I am felt. It grants me the illusion of separation – that illusion I so wanted when I came here.

I cherish these eyes that see the world in rich colours and tidy compositions. I marvel at the delights in sound my ears can host.

I see that you have always adored me. Despite my near constant criticism you have just loved me, you have given me the generous gift of a space to live through. Thank you for knowing how to heal, for whispering what you need, for knowing how to grow a baby. Thank you. I am so very blessed to have you. I want to take very good care of you. You are my personal, delicious, sensuous experience of life itself. Body of mine, you are the medium between my soul and this earth. Here on out I promise to treat you well – in my dialogue, in my thoughts, in my ways of nurturing you and decorating your curvy form. I love being with you.

We are so eager to get to Spirit yet we as spirits wanted so much to be in these bodies. Write your body a love letter. Feel the energy that animates this gorgeous place you call home. Praise this home for it’s many offerings. It loves you unconditionally. It is so generous and asks for nothing in return. Your heart will beat for all of your days with no need for thanks. Why not take a moment to thank your beating heart now? Write a long love letter of adoration. Feel how this shifts your mind from criticism to adoration. Notice what changes you might wish to adapt in it’s care.