The Light Bringer's Attunement

You are a Light Bringer. You are here to harness, channel and anchor the divine love of the Universe. Your heart is connected to the heart of All Things. 

We see you. 

We are holding you in an embrace of love as you bring your light, which is the light of Source, into every corner of your lives. We applaud you for your efforts to awaken. Your desire to wake up is aligned with the Universe’s yearning to awaken through you. Your soul’s longing is the same as the longing of Source. You long for knowledge, understanding and the evolution of consciousness. That is what is happening now all across your world. 

Your beautiful planet is a sacred home that has seen ancestral wisdom and ritual as a well-worn path. Your ancestors were grounded, in touch with the Earth. They knew she was a gift and they stood rooted to her as a platform to worship the divine. That remembrance comes over your entire being when you marvel at the stars at night. We are speaking today on a new moon just before the winter solstice, the longest, darkest night of the year. The stars will be at their brightest in that blanket of darkness. You too are those brilliant stars, dear hearts. You shine regardless of how dark it seems. 

We see you illuminating all points of consciousness as you expand and evolve. We invite you to enjoy the process. We see many of you suffering through it needlessly. When you surrender to the flow of the Universe, which is the flow of your own soul’s calling, life is so much more enjoyable. When you resist, life seems to torture you. This is your ego’s clinging for control against the current. If something is being pulled away from you, know that something more beautiful will take its place – as a forest fire flattens an area, it enriches the soil for new growth. 

Dear Light Bringer, we thank you for your efforts to see life through the open eyes of your soul. To see each other with those eyes of compassion and love, with an eagerness to connect. Your soul’s origin is a sea of Oneness, an ocean of luminous energy. Your true home is a lustrous expanse of electric connectivity and love. As you embark on your journey to embody a human form, you encounter false ideas of fear. You may have forgotten your rightful inheritance as a being of the light, yet within your heart remains the temple of your soul. Here is a space untouched by this world – it is a safe, warm womb of infinite becoming. 

The higher up you travel, the deeper down you go, the more connected things seem – the less dense, the softer, the more blending of energy is felt. We ask you to take this awareness of the coalescing, of the love, of the interconnectedness into your body. Live with a quantum understanding of the formless while in your beautiful form. Travel through life with your two feet on the earth, but with your awareness in the blending with All That Is. You have evolved in body, and mind, and soul, and now we ask that these come together – to bring the consciousness of your soul into your mind and body. This is what the planet is yearning for. You do this with meditation, by connecting and with practice. You do this by putting your attention into your heart, that inner sanctuary with permanently open doors. 

Your body is a temple. You have heard this before, but have you considered its true meaning? A temple is a house of worship. Your soul worships life through this temple you call body. The altar, your heart. Lay down flowers and kneel here. This is a place for communion - here there is a holy seat for your spirit. You are a palace of almighty devotion.

Kneeling at the altar of your heart, drink the sweet essence of your truth as you take communion with your soul. Bow in devotion to your Self. The is the meeting place of the ancient sacred self, a ritual of remembrance. You have access to the altar at any time - you find it in the still sweet silence, held by the wisdom of nature as you go inward. Close your eyes and sink into your heart. Can you feel that well-spring of energy gushing into the recesses of your mind? This practice will heal you. Making a pilgrimage within will awaken you. You contain a portal to the entire cosmos here, an infinite realm of love. The Universe as one song, melodies formed and not yet expressed. Verses upon verses. All is vibration. All is energy - waves of light and sound. Will you allow your mind to open to enchantment with the Universe or will you keep it fixated in the limited realm of duality?

Find that peace, even when your mind is busy chattering away with false ideas. You can hold the space for your mind as if it is a person you are kindly listening to. You can listen with deep presence and hold space for that person that suffers. Your space is full of love. This is the soul’s space. As you hold this space of love, your pain is healed, suffering dissolves and fear washes away with the power of unbounded truth. 

Within you exists an infinite sphere of timeless awareness. This place has never known fear. It has never felt alone in the dark. This is a vast, borderless space where it is always the eternal now. Here there is radiance – light blending with light in a sea of limitless love and possibility. This realm of the infinite is found within the sacred chamber of your heart. Dearest Light Bringer, it is here that we have led you and where this guide will leave you. It is here that we reside, it is here that you are home. Here is your warm abode within. We extend our welcoming excitement to meet you at this entryway. 

Living from this awareness is the key to everything you seek. Peace in the face of war, love that knows of no condition that it should not be freely given, a joy for life itself. This is the source of your invincible summer. This is the cauldron that brews all the magic you long to encounter. It is here you may nurture the seedlings of those wild desires of your soul. This is the destination of your beckoning heart. This fluid Oneness is found within you – once discovered, you will never lose it again. You’ve been spiritually hungry, craving connection – a place to belong, to be seen and loved just because. Those desires are finally satiated here; they were inside all along. Reside here and move in the world, shining this revelation from your bright, open eyes. Your love is the medicine that heals. Your light blazes the trail for this next leap in evolution. 

You are divine consciousness on legs. 

We want to thank you, dearest Light Bringer. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. You are an extension of us, we are extensions of you, and we are infinitely connected just as we are all eternally connected to the heart of All That Is. Your heart, our heart and the heart of all beat as one.