You might not have noticed, but the light collective has become stronger. By this we mean those like you committed to a world ruled by love and compassion.

You might not have noticed, but you are not a tree on it’s own facing the elements. You are a mighty forest. You are strong and your desire is aligned with the Universe’s urge to awaken.

Standing tall together you are a forest of light. Your roots, crowns, and limbs have woven together. You can withstand the temporary storms as the shadow is seen. This luminous collective is surrounded by energy from the ‘other’ side – from the Light Bringers, from your ancestors, from the highest versions of you.

Continue weaving, connecting, breathing.

It has been five years since 2012 when many began awakening. A tipping point is occurring and it will only continue. When life’s energy pulls inward, such as in the winter, pull inward together. Continue connecting, sharing, and inspiring each other.  When it sprouts out, reach out together. Supporting, celebrating, vibrantly becoming greater as a whole.

We are moving into a time of collaboration rather than competition. We are shifting into a time of unity – though it may appear that the opposite is true, live with this ideal behind your intentions and you will soon discover what a cooperative reality you are existing within.

When you act from a place of Oneness you are at your most powerful. You are forest. You have the whole Universe behind you.

How can I help? This is the greatest question you can ask in this shifting tide.

Trees are only as strong as the forest that surrounds them. They join at the roots and the crown to weave their energy together and stand tall. We are all connected.