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For pure Reiki Sessions, our focus will be towards healing and coming back to a peaceful you - the real you. I feel Reiki as the vibration of unconditional love from the Universe - with this energy flowing through us, we can let go of our struggles and align with our highest selves once again. We can hear our soul’s whispers. We can heal on every level of our Being, experience transformation, feel empowered, and find peace.

Reiki helps us to feel connected (which is our truth) and leads to healing (which is our nature). It works to dissolve blockages, encouraging a divine meeting with the True Self. As it stimulates the body to heal it can trigger the release of stored emotions which can lead to being more open to the natural flow of life, better relationships, and the energy to take steps forward. A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience and often creates a welcomed meditative state where soulful insights can be heard.

This gentle yet powerful method of holistic healing creates deep relaxation and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. It works on the quantum level to harmonise mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies creating a sense of profound peace. Some of the many benefits are: deep relaxation, anxiety/stress relief, mental clarity, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and intuitive development.

Reiki is for everyone and everything! My clients range from those seeking relief from anxiety and depression, to people that want support for physical healing, to those that want to have crystal clear energy bodies and sharpened intuitions. This intelligent energy restores harmony on all levels. It is a powerful complimentary therapy for anything that feels out of balance.

Reiki refers to both the energy itself and the system of healing developed by a Buddhist man in Japan. Reiki translates to – 霊 Rei “spirit, soul” or “atmosphere of the divine” and 気 Ki for “energy” or “life force” (as in Chi or Prana) - a common translation is “universal life force energy.” I believe Reiki is pure Source energy - it is the love of the Universe, available to us all.

When you arrive we’ll have a brief chat about what you’re seeking, and what areas of your life you’d like to work on. Remaining fully clothed, you’ll lay on my treatment table and simply relax. I’ll help you settle in with a brief guided meditation or breath work if that seems appropriate, and then I’ll begin your Reiki treatment. During this time you might feel tingling or waves of energy. Some people experience flashes of light or receive insights from beyond. Once the session is complete I will gently bring you back to the room, and we can share feedback with each other. I'll be closely tuning into your energy field during the session so I can share anything that may support your healing journey in our discussion afterwards.

Choose to come to either my treatment room in Crystal Palace, the therapy room at Buddha on a Bicycle in Covent Garden, or if you're outside of London we have the option to work together for a Remote Treatment.

FOR EVERY SESSION A TREE IS PLANTED! I have partnered up with the wonderful people of who are dedicated to reforesting our planet... Your Reiki Session will see that a tree is planted :)

If you prefer to email me to chat about this first please do @

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