Guided is an exciting new offering to help you get in touch with all the loving spiritual support surrounding you right now. In this half-day workshop we will practice reading energy, learn about Spirit Guides, and have fun awakening our intuitive senses in a fun, community oriented atmosphere. 

Following this, from August 26th, there will be monthly intuitive development circles to nurture your awakening abilities. No prior experience is necessary. 

For so long I've been seeking a certain kind of circle but I wasn't able to find it, so I decided to host the one I've been looking for! I will be learning right alongside you - our spiritual development is never done.

Our soul's support teams wish to guide us towards an illuminated, fun, wonderful life here. Awakening together in this way greatly increases our watts - by joining in this sacred work, we amplify the light within and energise the awakening light all around us. Now our soul’s mission ignites, what was there all along, waiting to be unleashed, comes alive. 

This work is a soul activation, waking up knowledge of yourself as a spirit who is able to communicate easily with your own higher wisdom and spiritual support teams. We will journey forward together to discover what guidance is waiting to be heard! Expect to meet lovely, like-minded people while we collaborate to develop our latent intuitive abilities. Through guided meditations and encouraging exercises, we will meet our Guides, Angels, Totems, welcome in Ascended Masters, and become aware of our friends in the subtle realms while learning the most important thing of all - how to trust ourselves. 



Extended Introductory Workshop
July 7th from 2-6pm
Crystal Palace, London SE19

*Learn how to connect to Spirit
*Develop your Intuition
*Read the language of energy and translate it
*Receive messages from your Guides
*Learn the difference between Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters
*Discover who Spirit Guides are + why they want to help you
*Learn how to use oracle cards

Our focus will be on leaning into the supportive web of love that surrounds us, receiving guidance, and learning how to trust our own intuition.


A gathering for Awakening Light

The intention of the circle:
*To create a safe container in which to experiment and grow spiritually
*For our inner awakening light to be nurtured
*For a community of Light Bringers to come together (light gets brighter when we gather)
*To understand the workings of our intuitive senses, how to develop this and trust it
*Build and foster a relationship to your Spirit Guides + Angels + soul’s support team in a grounded way
*Understand vibration and how we channel information
*Learn to get messages and read energy
*Ultimately, my highest intention for this is for you to feel and KNOW how loved and supported you are!

beginning August 26th - 2-4pm - Crystal Palace - £22

To register, please send me an email or visit the shop

I look forward to our time together!